CDX2 help rca din switch

Hope someone can give me the instructions on how to select between rca or din analog out on the cdx2. I do remember it will be done using the remote control. I can select both or din only or rca only. Thanks!

with the remote make sure the CD softkey is selected. Then press and hold the DISP button. Then toggle by pressing DISP between RCA Phono oo, DIN O, or both oo O (note that the latter is a performance compromise). Then press and hold DISP to exit.

See para 13.4 of the manual for an extended explanation:

Thanks guys!


your polite helpfulness is proverbial, but for once I am with Happy Listener (and with the Ghost of Forum Past, HH): what are manuals there for?

My bad. I did look at the manuals first but didn’t reach that page.

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