CDX2 Programme mode

Found an oddity in prog mode on my CDX2. Here’s a summary, using So What as the example disc (CK 64935):

The CD has six tracks of varying lengths. I want to know how long a specific subset of those tracks would play for. For simplicity’s sake, I’ll just do tracks 3 and 4 (playing times 5:37 and 11:33 respectively, so should add up to approx. 17:10).

Load disc, all is fine.
Press 3, prog, 4, prog.
Press stop, then press disp once (says 2 which means I’ve programmed two tracks: correct).
Press disp again, to display programme running time, it says 19:14 which is not right.

Now, if I clear the memory (press and hold stop key) then just programme track 3 and check the running time (i.e. 3, prog, stop, disp (says 1: correct), disp again (says 9:25). Press play, track 3 only plays (correct) and runs for 5:37 (correct). So why does it say 9:25? Well, that’s the running time for track 1. But I didn’t programme track 1. So what gives?

Same happens with three different discs, so either it’s a feature, not a fault, or I’m too confused (possible).

Well that’s given me something to mess with tomorrow night.

Well, given the silence elsewhere, any thoughts would be welcome!

Hi Ebor,

I currently have a CDX2 on my bench at the factory. When it is fixed tomorrow, I’ll check this out!



Bless you, Neil - much obliged.

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Well I had look at this today, but couldn’t replicate the issue. Does it only happen on the three discs, or all discs?
Could you check the software on your machine - with no disc loaded, press & hold prog on the remote until the CDX2 displays 4 digits. The one I checked was 0603.


Gosh, mine says 0203, so it sounds like it might be a bit behind the curve. what solution(s) would you suggest?

Thanks again for your help, @NeilS.


I wouldn’t worry too much about having an earlier revision, the revision of the main PCB & transport type restrict which s/w version can be used.
I think the CDX2 can be 02**, 04** or 06**
But it does mean that your issue could potentially be a bug that exists in 02** & not in 06**
I would need to find a subject unit running 02** to check it - that might take a while!


OK. Your question about whether it works on all discs is quite a big question for my 800-disc collection (approx - I stopped counting some time ago!) but, having gone through a large random selection, I can’t find a disc that doesn’t exhibit this problem.

More oddly, if I programme all the tracks on the disc to play once, the total running time is correct. It seems to be only when I program a subset of all tracks that it goes Pete Tong.

I know sending CDPs back to Salisbury is not recommended, but might this be required? I live in Wiltshire, so it wouldn’t be terribly far…


Yes, I wouldn’t recommend transporting the player (unless you find you cannot live with this issue).
I imagine you have a VAM1250 transport (clamp 4)?
If it is otherwise performing well, I’d recommend trying to live with it & if (heaven forbid) it starts giving you troubles, then we can get it updated to 06** & VAM1202 (clamp 5).


P.S. I’m not expecting you to try every disc in your library!

Never knew this. Just tried it. Mine is also 0203.

Maybe you could see of your player exhibits the same behaviour Mike?


Fair shout. I’ll just add up track times in my head!

Everything else with the player is tip-top, including the VAM1250(that’s the older transport, correct?) so I’ve no desire to rock that particular boat.

Yes, 1250 originally, then 1202 due to obsolescence.

Just try to enjoy the music! :smile:


Mine’s a 1250 too. Have now identified it, the CDP, as failing since the 202 was serviced by Class A and TV sound has been tip top whilst bass and mods on CD are patchy. Get mixed messages about transporting it in for a once over. Would be interested in the official Naim line on this as unofficially I’ve not played more than 1 CD during lockdown and have largely given up hope of the CD side of my system ever working properly again.

Have just passed my target for affording an NDX2 but won’t press the button on that until I can put at least an Innuos Zenith in the basket with it.

In the meantime, yes @NeilS I’ll find some time to test this out this weekend and report back.

It will be more mixed messages, but you may be interested in this thread where Neil and Richard weighed in and some responses by Naim support were posted: “CDX2, CDS3, or CD555 with a view on long-term servicability?

Naim told me for my CDS3 that they do recommend the usual service interval even if it is not broken, and confirmed this after I specifically asked regarding the more cautious responses on the thread. In the end, it will be a risk assessment - you can’t rule out shipping damage, and you have to decide whether it’s worth it. This will differ depending on how serviceable the player is e.g. regarding mech failure. Neil wrote that the older ones are becoming difficult, so that will influence the decision compared to a newer one that have better chances to be repairable if anything went wrong in shipping

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