CDX2 service?

I have a 20 year old CDX2. Do I need to get it serviced? So far as I am aware it is working fine.

I think the received wisdom is leave well alone unless it is giving problems, which it’s not.

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Letting alone the mech, servicing the mother board would be highly advisable. I did so on my '09 CDX2-2

Leave as is if it is working properly. Do not ship the CDX2 unless it sounds off. Enjoy it until the laser mech dies.

Trusting your CD player to a courier is not risk free, but it’s the only option available to get it to Naim.
If you are able to drive to Sheffield you can take it to Class A in person which is a safer bet to my mind.

Snap - I also has a 20-year old CDX2 which is still sounding great. Given the courier issue and probable dearth of mechs if anything were to go wrong, I’ve no plans to get it serviced.


Sent mine off to Naim together with the XPS and came back sounding fantastic and they also replaced the screen….

I had mine serviced a few month ago - and a digital output fitted.

It was the same age as yours, I didn’t think anything was the matter - until I borrowed an Audiolab 6000 CDT which slightly outperformed it.

At which point Naim were concerned a premium product was being outperformed by a budget product and suggested it be returned

It now sounds a premium product again - albeit I’ve bypassed the on-board DC

I never understood why people convert their CDX2 to digital out only.
This will leave most electronics unused and redundant.
Certainly not doing it nowadays when mech spares are scarce.

@PerF it allows the CDX to be used as a transport only and run into a separate dac/streamer. Makes sense if you have a better digital side to use that vs the in inbuilt version. Its a no return option though so I guess the parts are removed so there will be less noise inside the box and maybe cleaner power.

Because I have had twenty years of service out of it -and I’ve bought a Nova - so I wanted it to feed direct to the Nova’s DAC - and it sounds good .

Thats interesting, never heard anyone convert their CDX2 player to CD-transport only, for use into a Nova (or Superuniti for that matter.)
Still I don’t see the logic, a single CDX is supposed to better a CD transport into a build-in DAC.
Upgrade path for CDX2 is XPS.
I’ve had my Rega player used as transport into my Superuniti, its ok but the single player is clearly preferable for me.

I couldn’t see the point of converting the signal from digital to analogue in the CDX2 and the Nova converting the analogue to digital and then digital to analogue

The Nova is a keeper , so I just preferred the idea of a straight path to the Nova’s DAC

I found an ND555 performed better when it was providing the signal earth, which meant an intact CDX2 couldn’t be in the system at the same time. I boxed mine up and substituted a DVD5 connecting the digital out from that, which kept the ND happy but I found I hardly ever played a CD anyway and even less often a DVD so removed it again and just relied on rips from my Core.

Thats good to know, I always wondered how much I’d benefit going from SU to Nova.
Streaming is not my thing, mainly use it to confirm if I’d buy the record.

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So for the in initiated such as myself….if the transport cd mech goes on the Cdx can you get it converted and just use it as a dac? :thinking:

If it goes, it goes …

But I will have had it for twenty years .

Check with Naim but I thought the irreversible conversion was to make the CDX2 into a transport only.

IIRC Naim started to offer this service on the CDX2 (and CD5X) when the CDX2.2, CD5XS and nDac were released.

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When the CDX laser mech goes it cannot be replaced by Naim. Maybe a third party repair if you can find a suitable replacement mech.

Yes, the conversion was for the CDX2 to make it into a high performance s/pdif output transport only.

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