CDX2 storage query

We are having some renovations carried out at home and I need to pack the Hi-Fi away for a little while. I have the original boxes so I will use these. The query I have relates to my CDX2. I think I have found a transit screw in the box for the CD player. Given I am just placing the CDX2 in the box and putting it in a spare bedroom, is it advisable to use the transit screw? If so, presumably this just screws under the CDX2 near the front?


Transit bolt before boxing is best practice. Easy enough to do. Take the puck out, or it could come loose and get lost inside the player.

Unless you simply enjoy taking unnecessary risks. :grimacing:


Thanks Nick, I’ll follow your advice. Good point about the puck.

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Dust gets everywhere, I’d be sealing the box with tape too if its being stored close to the works. Or even if it’s not :slight_smile: I’m still finding dusty jewel cases 3 years after our last building work, might be worth packing those away too, depending on how many, how close etc. Normal household dust is one thing, brick dust quite another

The works aren’t major, but some mess will be created, so I do need to move and pack the HiFi. Thanks for the advice re: dust - I will be moving some CDs to avoid this issue from one room.

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If I recall correctly, the manual says that the transit screw must be in place if “the unit is carried for any distance” or something to this effect

Thanks - I’ve used the transit screw to avoid any problems.

Also seal with a light adhesive tape the doors of adjacent rooms it really helps with dust control

Thanks - good tip.

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