CDX2 to Uniti2 cable

I am ignorant about the world of cables.

I am wanting to connect a CDX2 to a Uniti2 (and then later probably a Supernait 2). The CDX2 has DIN and RCA outputs. The Uniti2 has RCA inputs, and a different kind of DIN.

Does this mean that I should connect using RCA? Or are there adaptor cables for the DINs? Any sound quality difference?

Suggestions of specific suitable cables suitable for this setup are very welcome.

Just use a Din to RCA or RCA to RCA, I recommend nordost RCAs.

Use one of the RCA analog inputs
if your CD have RCA out just go buy a good RCA interconnect within budget.
otherwise you will need a DIN5/RCA2 interconnect.

I’d avoid Nordost as someone recommend.

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