Ceiling speakers as surrounds?

Hi. Wondering if anyone with a 5.1 set up are using in ceiling speakers as left and right surrounds?
I’m doing some renovation and I’m going to use my Dali epicon 2’s as front left and right connected to my naim supernait amp using the AV receivers bypass circuit, going to get an in wall plastered over (so invisible) monitor audio IV140 centre but have no where to put my l+r surrounds as there will be a patio door to my left and probably a kitchen island to my right. We are getting a Samsung frame tv when released later this year which is a compromise on my LG oled but necessary to keep my wife happy. I realise that mixing and matching speakers is not ideal but a necessary compromise to keep wife on board. Only thing that will be on display are the Dali speakers and the frame tv which shows works of art when not using as a tv. As my 2 stereo music will not be compromised I am happy to compromise on my surround sound set up but wondering if in ceiling speakers as surrounds is a complete waste of time or whether they’ll still add to the movie experience. Wife doesn’t want surrounds visible. Ideally would like atmos speakers as well but I’m guessing can’t have these if using surrounds at the same height? I’m hoping my AV amp set up will be able to adjust the speakers to the ‘correct’ levels to give a decent 5.1 set up.
Long winded post so thanks for looking!

You’ll likely find more chat about this on eg avforums. From what I’ve read you can buy eg kef or monitor audio drivers designed for this very thing with some form of direction adjustments. Even thx certified ones.

Thanks Robert

Most folk I know use ceiling speakers as part of an Atmos setup to give the variations in height. Im more than content with my 5.1 setup

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You can fine tune delay / distance in most AVR’s but the sound direction will always be coming top-down.

I would only really recommend ceiling speakers for Arnos or background music.

Have you checked out the KEF T101 or Cambridge Audio MINX 12 or 22 as they will work well for surrounds and are very discrete. Both available in black or white.

Thanks Gav. I think I’ll have to go with the surrounds in the ceiling and forget about the atmos experience. But thinking that I may be able to keep my surrounds in a cupboard unconnected and then when I watch a movie connect them up at the sides if it is possible to have some sort of neat connection hidden in the floor that I plug the speaker cable into!
Any way something to look into. Thanks again for your advice.

Hi Gav, what about placing surrounds about 6 feet behind listening position- they would be about 5-6 feet to the left and right but quite far behind? I’m keen not to have the surround L+R in the ceiling but I have to make a compromise. Thanks again, Andy

My AV system is not as good as yours but I use in ceiling paradigm speakers for left and right rear speakers as well as in wall paradigm speakers in a 4.1 system with REL Quake subwoofer driven by Canberra Audio CXR 120 receiver and they sound great. Most of the signal normally goes to the front speakers and yours are excellent. The rear speakers are mainly for ambient sound and should work well without cluttering the room.

That should work OK.

Just make sure that your AVR has Audssey or similar and it will compensate for the delay.

Brilliant. Thank you Hugh and Gav. Appreciate your advice. I’ll have a look at Audssey

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