Celebrating Veterans Day/Remembrance Day

Wanted to wish everyone a happy Veterans Day/Remembrance Day!

I celebrated the US Marine Corps 248th birthday yesterday as well as Veterans Day today!

Thanks to all that served…


Indeed. I echo those sentiments.

“For your tomorrow, we gave our today”


It’s a quarter of a century since I first took the Queen’s Shilling and over a decade since I called time on that part of my life. I’ll be in Bath tomorrow, remembering a number of people, starting with my great-grandfather who died at Passchendaele in 1917.

Lest we forget.



Off to the parish war memorial later for the annual outdoor service. There are 13 names on the memorial, all Great War. Just one casualty (RAF) from WWll.

The population of this vast upland parish was then and still is only 300 so to lose 13 sons was a massive blow.

Back in 2014 we compiled a book of remembrance containing photos and all the info we could find about the 13 (a lot). It gave life to the bare names on the memorial.


Indeed, poignant moment when many in my village stood by the memorial out on the village road as the role of the dead from the parish was called out and the last post played out on the bugle and the two minute silence.


My thanks to those who mark this occasion. It provides a poignant moment to remember those who gave all to protect our way of life and freedoms.

I served for very nearly 40 years (started as a boy apprentice).


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