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When I sit center of my speakers the center image is very strong the voice etc, but if I move either left or right the voice moves off center is this normal or are my speakers set wrong.

In my experience, different speakers can be better of worse. One thing to try is to angle the speakers toward each other. Also how far apart are they…? Closer is better, in this respect. Also, how far back are you from them…? Further is better.

I sit about 6 feet away and speakers are 6f apart from center of tweeter. The speaker are 4f from front wall and 3.5f from side wall.

Sounds about right… Try angling them in a bit… As they are in free space (not near any walls).

What are these speakers…? :thinking:

OK thanks will try angle more.

Try getting them so each speaker is looking straight at you…

Focal sopra 2

So… some very expensive speakers there (circa £10k).
What is driving them…?


And… what else…? Trying to help here… :thinking:

It’s all in the his profile.

252 supercap Dr cps2 cds3.

The general rule I’ve found is to start with the speakers pointing straight forwards, then to toe them in just enough to give a stable central image on vocals. This gives a bit room filling sound that should sound good wherever you sit in the room.

Six feet from such large speakers sounds tellingly close. Are you able to move them a bit further apart and sit further away? So long as they have 50 or 60cm behind them they should be fine.

…please bear in mind that some speakers are designed to work with no toe-in (this will, of course, be a general principle…in any particular implementation, these speakers may sound best with some toe-in). I have tried mine with toe-in…the music, including the imaging, absolutely collapsed.

Yes they do sound better with toe-in its just the voice will move if I move right or left I need to lock the center image I guess just keep moving till I find it.

…I think that if you move yourself, this will be akin to using a balance control…indeed, the position of the intended central image will no longer be central.

Yes I have moved back 2 feet and it has improved but I am getting close to center of room which is not ideal for bass.

When I’m listening ‘seriously’ I’m on my own, sitting in the ‘sweet spot’. When I’m sitting anywhere else it means we have company, the music is on quietly as background, and no-one cares where the voice is coming from!


Sounds like your journey of experimentation is just starting!
As always…there are more questions than answers…and the more I find out…

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OK thanks its all a learning process.