Change display of Uniti HE


I just bought a Uniti Headphone Edition for my Focal Utopia 2022.

The couple is exceptional but the ergonomics of the iOS application is to be reviewed, or I missed something, the songs, albums & artists are displayed by list impossible to change format?


Hi Tonio,

Do you mean the layout of the app or the display of the Uniti? The latter is as is and you are not able to change layout etc.

Presumably you are plugging a USB stick into a USB socket and have selected the USB input.

Instead you should go to the Servers input and you should get full artwork and so on.

Hi Klout10,

I’m talking about the iOS app.


Right know I’m using Qobuz



I’m with you … have you tried tapping on the cover art below left? This should give you some more information about the track currently being played … other than that I see no possibilities to change layout etc.



Yes, but that’s for the track currently playing, where I’m happy with the two possible views.

What I’m not happy with, however, is when I’m looking for an artist, an album, etc., having only the list format.

Do some of you use an alternative application?

That’s the way Qobuz displays within the Naim App. It’s perfectly useable so maybe you just need to accept it as it is.

If you open Qobuz itself on the App things get displayed a little better I find


We must not have the same iOS app, because from mine I can’t display the albums in a grid…


Yes, that’s what I say to myself

You can get a grid view in the Naim app with Qobuz (and locally stored files). This is for my Atom with the IOS app:

This is what I get if, in the home page, I tap Qobuz and then use the icons at the extreme right of the “Filter” line to switch between line view and grid view.

Apologies if this is not what you’re after.


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I was looking at the root of the application, instead of going to the Qobuz section like you did.

Thanks a lot :pray: