Change input names on 272

Can someone explain what I’m doing that’s not right here, I want to change input names on my 272 via the app?

I change the input name but it doesn’t seem to register or hold in the app.

Example analog 2 change name to turntable.


Open Tools (gear wheel)
Touch to open the input you want to change
Enable input (touch the grey dot)
Touch the input name so it has the flashing cursor.
Remove the system input name & retype the input name of your choice
Touch the Enter on the key pad

Just tried it & it works for me with iOS app

Got it Mike, did all that except enter. Stupid is as stupid does!

Now all fine.


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It’s easy to miss the enter Even when you have done it lots of times before. It caught me out too when I was renaming inputs on my recently-acquired Nova.



Indeed, I’ve done it so many times, but ask me how to do it without iPad in hand to go thru the steps, no chance.

Indeed, I had a 172 before, no problem but It just didn’t register this time, must be an age thing.

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