Change inputs on SN3 with the NDX2 Zigbee Remote

Hello Naim community!

I recently got an NDX2, and it’s hooked up to my Supernait 3 via Superlumina and with the 3.5mm cable for system automation.

I have both remotes handy, but I was wondering if you can use the Narcom remote to change to any of the other inputs on the SN3, outside of Stream?

I was struggling to figure this out. Currently I’m using CD and Phono with my SN3, in addition to the NDX2.

I’m trying to use the Narcom remote for everything, instead of having to use both. Can I set it up so it can switch to CD or Phono?

It’s simply a case of putting the Narcom into pre mode by pressing pre. You can then press 1 for CD or 5 for phono.

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I got the remotes confused. I have the Naim NDX2 remote and the Supernait 3 remote.

I’m trying to figure out how to change the inputs on the Supernait 3 using the remote that came with the NDX2 (Zigbee® RF4CE).

You can’t.
Why not use the SN3 remote to change inputs. Or buy a 50p cable and use system automation?

He already has system automation.
@hollowmanor with system automation you can change the inputs either from the Naim app or with the NDX2 remote by pressing this button (repeatedly):

Hmm. I suspected that’s what you meant, but answered the question as written to save time.

In system automation, you’ll see the various preamp inputs. Disable those you don’t want to use. Rename those you want. You’ll see them in the app like this.

To change them on the remote you press the input button repeatedly. It’s the one helpfully highlighted in the post above.

Ok, yes that is what I was looking for. So I can rename those, I’ll give it a shot!

How would that select the cd input on the SN3 to play cds?

By system automation. I use it to switch to what I renamed from “Preamp 6” to “Phono” in the app (which is labeled AUX2 on the 252). Just repeatedly press the NDX2 remote’s input button until the required input cycles into view on the display (or the number of times you remember :slight_smile: )
Edit: The input must be enabled in the app of course. And it follows the order that you set up in the app

You can reorder them too, so those you use most are at the top. You do that in the app.

Right, can see it now. I only use 2 inputs, CD ( renamed streamer) and aux 2 ( renamed TT).
Don’t tend to use ndx2 as my first remote device. Prefer nacon 4 from the 282 or app.

Yeah for sources that need manual interaction anyway, like phono or CD, it is not super helpful. But it works and if you have, say, a tuner connected it might be neat

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I figured it out! Thanks all.

You go into the Naim app → Gear/Settings → Input Settings

Then you select each “Preamp x”, enable it, and rename it to the channel it switches to on the SN3.

Now I can easily switch via the Zigbee remote.


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Change inputs on SN3 with the NDX2 Zigbee Remote



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