Change Naim Powerline UK to US

Hi all,

Anyone tried to convert the Powerline UK to US plug? Or should i sell all of my powerline uk and get US power cables in other brands e.g Nordost Hieimdall, Kharma or Analysis Plus.

Thanks in advanced!

How is your current connection with the Powerline in UK plugs?

Why don’t you use a UK mains block with a US plug then you only need one US plug and all the UK power lines can be used intact?

If you like what the Powerline does, I would sell the UK version and buy US versions when you get there rather than chopping off that expensive UK plug and replacing it.
Either that or go with Ian’s idea of taking a UK mains block with you.

I dont know US wiring regs, but as America has half UK’s voltage, they therefore have twice the current running through. Power = Current x Voltage, and Power would be constant for a device, therefore presumably their wiring would be thicker.

This is the reason why electricity is transported at High voltages, as that means a lower current and therefore thinner wires can be used.

So I would not chance using a UK distribution box in the US. I’d say best option would be to sell here, and buy there.

That will never meet code - as covered above, unlikely to account for the much higher amperage things will see here.

Thx all. I will sell my powerline and buy another

Power block definitely not an option as i got so many black boxes.

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