Change of speaker cable

Has amyone changed from nac a5 speaker cable to Chord Epic X ?
How did the sound differ and was it considered an ‘upgrade’ ?

Without meaning to be rude, enter Chord Epic in the search box and get 50 plus answers, divides opinion!

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The answers you receive will be based on personal preferences in systems and environments much different than your own so take that fwiw.

Only one person can decide. :wink:

Yes but it was a specific question, had anyone changed from Naca 5. In my experience speaker cable is speaker dependent, with my Kudos 505s Chord Odyssey was preferred to Naca 5. But with Focal Sopras I think Naca 5 was more coherent. You really need to ask a dealer if you could home demo some.

I switched from Chord Silver Screen, the predecessor of Odyssey to EpicX. Huge improvement with my Spendor A4 speakers. Also switched to EpicX interconnect at the same time. Followed dealer advice. Home demo is rare in NYC.

I didn’t mean to be curmudgeonly, there is lots of information there, for example @ryder wrote " I found Chord Epic and Signature XL to be preferable to Naca5. I could expand on the differences if required." in the current thread “Cables”

Don’t discount Kudos speaker cable :blush:

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It probably looks like I am selling Neotech, which I am not but I just have to repeat how good the Nemos 3080 is. If you have the opportunity to test them. Do it. I don’t have many references but found I had no reason to look elsewhere after plugging them in. They are clearly better than Naca 5 in my system and to my ears.

I’ve tried a few of Neotechs offering, both interconnects, PC, digital cables and speaker cables and they have so far delivered and made me part with my cash.