Changes to eBay payment system

I have just sold a couple of items on eBay since their change to paying you into your bank account rather than via PayPal. It has taken 3 days for the payment to be ‘processed’ but the money has not been transferred to my nominated bank account yet. Does this happen automatically or do I have to make a withdrawal as was the case with PayPal? I cannot see anyway to withdraw the money from my eBay account. I note that eBay have set up a direct debit with my nominated account, does this mean they can withdraw money from my account without my consent?

They will pay in automatically, my last one was three days and they will direct debit any fees monthly

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What he said, 2-3 days payment, plus the Transaction page in eBay is much better to find out what you get charged - it was near impossible before. Also now you’re not paying PayPal their 2.9%+20p, it can be a big help.

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from the ebay website : “Payouts directly into your bank account - you can choose to schedule these daily as funds are available, or weekly.”

Check that the payment schedule is set to daily and not weekly.

Go to My eBay->Account->Payments->Payout schedule

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Many thanks to above reply’s. That clears up my concerns.

Thanks again to Hifi-dog, GadgetMan and ajm.

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Interesting thread for me. I have just dropped eBay because they "“insisted” I give them my current account details and have the capability to withdraw funds when they think fit! I was very happy with the eBay/PayPal association and it kept my relatively small eBay sales separate from my everyday current account. As for the fees, there is 2/10s of nothing different between the PP and eBay selling fees, it’s just that eBay now pocket the money rather than PP. (I wonder why they sold PP??).
Anyway, I am no longer an eBay seller, it does cause some inconvenience, but I really object to being told how I need to manage payments. Rant over :wink:


I agree, PayPal is a fantastically secure method to use on online system, certainly don’t share my bank account or major credit card details other than to a handful of very trusted merchants. PayPal handles this perfectly … and is a natural partner to my mind for online commerce.


EBay is now demanding that I send them photo ID in addition to my bank details. Looks like I’ll have to find somewhere else to sell my kit.

My account is only a background account with not a lot money in it and is not my main account! My wife’s account the same. For me it actually stinks and is just one more example of eBay squeezing everything to the limit, what is the point. They do themselves no favours, but they don’t care. Money. money, money…!

If you find a reliable alternative please let us know.

I’m in the same boat. Sold something last Sunday. Still not had the cash. Ebay most likely earn interest on it for a couple of days for double bubble.

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I really like ApplePay too.

Totally agree Simon. Only a very select few get access to my bank account details, and eBay will never be one of them! Like you I use the secure PP for everyone else.
A few have suggested (including an eBay customer agent I spoke with!) of using a “second current account” but I don’t have one and don’t intend opening one just for eBay.

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My position exactly. I have been an avid eBay user for 20 years, buying and selling a lot of stuff, but their service to sellers has worsened over time, And I don’t feel inclined to accept their latest Ts&Cs, so I think I’m going to have to find some other selling tool for things no longer wanted (from hifi to computer to photography to diy surplus bits etc etc).

Plus don’t overlook the real reason here–Ebay had the screws put on them to hand over all details of sellers to the relevant Tax Office’s–hence the need to establish ID’s of said persons.

Covert sellers hoping to fly under the radar will now be getting audit letters very soon I’m advised.


Nothing wrong with eBay establishing id details for people carrying out transaction - it is the way they are going about it and the apparent freedom they are seeking to remove money from the seller’s account, not just pay it in.

Sure, I use Apple Pay… but PayPal has a delayed time payment system, where you confirm you have received good and ok to release funds … ApplePay doesn’t have this as far as I found unless I am missing it.

I’m not happy to give eBay access to my current account - hence no longer selling.

I could open a separate account just for this but seems too much complication…

I presume you’re just comparing payment systems and are not able to use Apple pay on eBay or is that possible?

On EBay, as a seller, it’s not safe. You can sell to a non honest buyer, who will declare that your item is damaged, even if not. eBay can decide to refund the buyer entirely and the buyer can keep your item. The return of the item is even not systematic.

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