Changing forum email address

I realised the email address I use for the forum was out of date.

So I go to change and it sends a confirmation email to the new address with a link I have to click on.

When I do so it goes to a forum page that doesn’t exist!

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Hi Steve, I’ll message you privately.

Reply to the pm doesn’t work.

Address hasn’t changed because notification still came to the old address.

Reply to private messages isn’t working between @Will and beta team members either Richard, so looks like there is a bug in the forum software currently.



OK thanks guys. I’ll get on to our web developer.

It should be working OK now.

Cheers :slight_smile:

@Richard.Dane any progress I’d like to change mine as well and can’t, also I can’t seem to change the make public option.

Hi Pete, this should now be working OK. If you go to change your email it will then send a mail to your new mail address. You then need to click on the link to confirm it.

Is it (a) possible to make your email address public and (b) can you contact another member.

Oops just read your second post. Cheers.

No. A publicly viewable email address is a very bad idea - it’s not safe to do so.

There’s no private messaging except between admin and members. You can alert another member to a post by putting @ in front of their username. They are then alerted that you have mentioned them.

How do you (if possible of course) contact you directly

You can flag any post and then message me - this usually the quickest way to contact me. Or you can email me via Naim. Or you can reply to the message I sent you this evening, which is probably easiest.

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