Changing fuses on xps dr

I received new fuses from Naim after whole naim system was down one morning. Powered down system and back again as recommended by technical help desk to find the xps not lit up. I have been trying to open the small fuse box next to the input lead using my smallest screw driver without success. Am I missing something ? Now starting 3rd week with no Quboz and no radio streaming. Paul W

It should open from the left hand side, hinged on the right.

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Pulls straight out. Usually a finger nail is all that is required?
No qobuz for three weeks? Cant you power up the internal power supply for your streamer?

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Thanks everyone. Old fuse out and 2 new ones inserted and now enjoying radio paradise. This was not designed for people with my size of fingers however. Paul W

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The XPS, in all its forms, is probably the most common Naim unit to blow fuses.

I leave my XPS(2) powered - but also have a small stock of the appropriate fuses (thanks to my helpful Naim Dealer).

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One may wish to read this useful info from the Frequently Asked Questions section under Equipment Fuses:

As for which way round to fit it, Jason Gould advises as follows:

“If the kite safety mark is embossed on the edge of the of the fuse’s conductive cap the fuse value should point towards the bottom of the fuse holder. Should the kite mark be embossed on the very end of the fuse’s cap then the fuse value should face the top of the fuse holder”.

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Not only is it extremely fiddly to change the fuses it is not easy fo make out the kite mark or the fuse rating for me even with my reading glasses on. I would have thought at this price these things could be more user friendly. Paul W

It’s not so easy to see, I agree, so good light and maybe even a loupe can help.

As for price, I guess you don’t get as much for your 80p these days as you used to…

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The rating and fuse type is printed on the back panel of the XPS. You don’t need to read the rating on the fuse itself.

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Directional fuses now. I hadn’t realised it was April 1st?

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I find changing the fuse on my xpsdr a pain in the arse. It involves getting the xpsdr out of the rack, which is not easy.
Quite as to why xps and their dr brothers eat fuses is not clear. Its either a design issue with the xps or an inappropriate fuse selection. Some on here leave their xps on to avoid blowing the fuse, which can be right.
The fuse should be there to protect against overcurrent, and i get the whole inductive load thing. But, we dont have discussions on Hi caps or cd555psus eating fuses, so why xps?

I can change the fuse on my XPS DR (with bad eyesight) on the bottom shelf of my Fraim rack. Yes it takes dexterous patience, a pair of strong reading glasses and a Cat-Eye cycle light, but it can be done, and the right way around.

*For obvious reasons - make sure the unit is completely disconnected from it’s mains lead before attempting the fuse change.

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So you can’t hear any difference?

You are kidding, right.

Half an inch of wire at 240V AC………

No i’m not.

OK, sigh.

That’s why i asked - so you can’t hear any difference?

Nope, nada, nowt, nuthin’

Nor would I expect to., but if it floats your boat, go ahead.