Changing HDD for SSD on NAS - SQ improvement?

I am currently running Qobuz via Bubble UPnP from my NAS into my NDX and it’s working really well. Only thing is the NAS drive is a little noisy as has a HDD inside. Other than SSD’s being silent, has anyone noticed a difference in sound quality from a faster SSD drive in a streaming set up such as I’ve described? Am debating whether it’s worth making the change. Thanks!

Most SSD are electronically noisier. And when it crashes your data is usually gone even from a commercial recovery service.

The positives you already know :slight_smile:


How much noise comes from the HDD and how much from the cooling fan? In my Synology NAS the fan is noisier than the drive.

I changed the hard drives in my old DS212J Synology NAS this year; old WD Green HDD drives (10 y/o) to new WD Blue SSDs.

No difference in SQ I could determine although the image cache on the App was super quick to refresh and no latency in streaming.

Later changed to a newer DS218 Synology and took the SSDs across. Fan is noisier in the new NAS but it’s tucked away in a cupboard.

I have 2 ssd drives in my NAS. Running for 2 years now constant with fan deactivated. Dead silent.
Very quick access. Never tried the old disc drives.

It’s worth trying different fan settings on the Synology if noise is an issue. By default they are often set to stay on almost continuously. The simple demands of a UPnP server don’t make it work very hard and a reduced fan setting is usually fine unless you have other, heavier uses for it.

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