Changing inputs visible on Home Screen (Nova)


Just swapped a whole bunch of Naim boxes for a smaller, integrated solution and very impressed with sound quality of the Nova. In the Naim app you can remove the inputs you are not using (i.e. Spotify, Digital 1, etc.). Can’t find the same utility on the Nova itself. It is showing Spotify when I do not have it enabled - I use Tidal. I know I can use the remote to get to the inputs, but was rather hoping to be able to turn off inputs I am not using . . .


Unfortunately not as far as I know

Sounds like a useful firmware upgrade so front screen reflects the app and vice versa

One would think so :slight_smile:

I did see that thread

As far as I can tell this is where we still are. I don’t have the Nova anymore but an NDX2, and there does not see to be a way. As it’s all the same new streaming platform, I guess the Nova is the same

Yes, the options in the app, on the front-screen, and via the remote are not all 100% aligned. :man_shrugging:

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