Changing My Room

So I’ve decided to move my current system from family room / kitchen area back to the front living room. I believe the family room area really isn’t letting the system do it’s thing. Im going to need a rack which due to cost won’t be a Fraim they’re just really over priced in the US even fraim lite is almost $3000. maybe a Quadraspire, had one before and it was nice. FYI this is a picture of the room a few years back. Think I’ll put the rack over to the left side.


I have a 2x wide quadraspire set and their wall shelf for tt (that was bargain from a dealer in England). I’ve never “compared” to other racks, but it works very well for me. Don’t know how readily available it is here, but I think some of the mail-order places usually carry it. Hope it works out for you. I’m a strong believer in not having anything (especially the equipment) between the speakers, even if it meant moving one speaker a bit closer to the other.

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