Channel loss

Hi All,
System is CDX2,SN3,HCAP DR,XPSDR,this has been fantastic for a while now,but this morning I’ve got no sound from right speaker?
Adjusting balance control totally to the right just gives me silence,I’ve checked connections and they’re all good,thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Reverse the conections on either the back of the amp or the speakers to see if it’s a speaker issue?

Keith, also try putting the CDX2 through a different input on the amp. Do you have another source at all that you can try?

Thanks guys,have got to go out now,I know the virus ! But I have Mum who’s at home on her own ,with dementia,that I have to call in on,she’s not yet got carers in place,so I’m her only contact with outside world.As soon as I get back I’ll reverse speaker cables on amp,easier than at speakers,and I’ll report back later.Yes Richard I have RP6 through its own phono stage,and the result is the same,no sound through right channel,thanks for quick responses,I’ll get back to you later,thanks again,

My SN3 never came out of mute one day on right channel. Worked perfect until this happened. Had to send it in for repair and after this is worked great again.

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Yes,have spoken to dealer and he tells me that there’s been a few SN3’s returned with a faulty relay,I’ve only just got in from Mum’s,so will do speaker cable switching to rule them and speakers out,and that will prove/disprove problem with amp,will report back !

It’s also worth powering down and removing and then replacing the link plug a few times, then power up again.

Thanks Richard

The problem is in the CDX2 or the SN3 ?
My CDX2 had a problem like that, faulty DAC chip.

Hi All,have completed cable switching and proved both speaker and cables are all good,so presume it’s the relay at fault,so it looks like a rather long wait to get it repaired.
Have informed my dealer,so he’s aware,is there any need to inform Naim directly at this point ? Once again thanks for help everyone.

Hi,got same result using RP6,so think it’s really the amp.

What a pain. Sorry to hear that. Cruddy timing for you.

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Hi,yes not great,but there’s worse things happening at the moment,and on the plus side,I’ve still got Alexa !


Perhaps a desperation move - have you tried engaging and disengaging Mute a few times?

Hi,yes have tried that,and to be honest,I’ll probably keep trying that occasionally,as you say out of desperation,but what I will say is that prior to this happening,I was so pleased with this system,it was sounding great,and I’m sure it will again.

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