Channel not working on phono

Hi all

I was wondering if you could give me some advice….just back off holiday and….
It seems that the left channel on the phono output isn’t working.

I’ve checked a the phono connections and they seem fine.
The CD output is fine and that works normally so wondering what it could be.

Something blown on the phone card perhaps. No idea.

Any views or ideas

Is this a NAC82 you’re referring to here?

Try swapping the cards over Left to right and vice versa. Be careful to ensure you get the pins properly located.


Ok will give that a go.
Thanks Richard

Try swapping the left & right leads over first.

Er… 5 series cards are handed. Or at least the ones in my 82 are.

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Yes, good point. apologies to the OP. Too long messing about with shoe box preamps!

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Sorted now. One of the cards was loose although no idea how that happened. :thinking:


Good Result. Well Done… :grin:

It sounds like the card may have been a bit loose for a while and with the kit off and cooled down, the resulting thermal contraction may have been enough to break the connection between card pin and main PCB socket. As you say, reseating the board has sorted it out.

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I own an 82. I know how the cards fit - and I struggle to see how they could come loose. They are - in my experience - quite difficult to seat correctly.

Maybe they were never seated right…? You did check the other channel…?

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