Chick Corea RIP

I fail to see the appropriateness of discussing a musician his religious ways on this forum (see Forum Rules). More so on day one of his passing.

I will delete my post henceforth, sorry for any offence it caused to anyone. Chick’s religious/personal beliefs are not my business. What I failed to express is how much I admire the man and his artistry. One of the greatest musicians of the last 100 years, and a great loss to the musical world. I urge everyone that has heard of but does not know the music of Chick to check out this video, it turned me and probably so many others onto/further into his discography.


And sorry again.


It is a sad day today. RIP. One of the great jazz musicians the last 6 decades.
My father and I saw him in Kongberg Jazz festival i 2018, front row. It was spectacular.


I will be forever grateful to Chick for Return To Forever’s album Light As A Feather… that record turned me on to so much great music as well as being another personal Desert Island disc.

RIP, Maestro Corea.
And thank you.

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I was fortunate enough to see this trio live when Chick kicked off his 75th Birthday Tour in St. Louis summer of 2016. That culminated in a 6-week appearance in Greenwich Village, NYC. I waited an hour after his St. Louis set to meet him and get some ECM records autographed. He was very kind, patient and humble to us.

We saw him again two (three?) years later at the same club with a newer working trio.

On both ocassions he performed wonderfully, connected really well with the audience (he’s great about informing what he’s playing).

Prior to that I saw him in the 90s when he and Herbie Hancock toured as a duo with their imperial grand pianos, and before that in the 70s with Return to Forever, featuring Stanley Clarke on double bass.

He was amazing at every performance. I will miss him immensely and remember him with great fondness. :cry:


First time I saw him was with his ‘Elektric’ band with Weckl, Pattitucci and co. back in 1990. Venue was El Camino College In Torrance, LA - very nice venue and performance, a lovely mild evening in Winter as I recall . Since then I’ve caught the Akoustic band on at least one occasion and ‘Origin’ with Tim Garland. The latter must have been over 10 years ago and was a UK tour appearance.

I’m glad he got to be interviewed and contribute to the ‘Miles Electric’ DVD. His contributions were valuable.

I’m most fond of his early work on Solid State and Vortex and early RFH. He was a great spirit in jazz though, a dedicated performer and will be sorely missed. RIP Chick.

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yes, sad news.

Very sad news.
A truly great musician who has left us so many wonderful recordings to continue listening too.
Still producing the magic well into his 70’s…


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