Chord 2Go+2Yu

I’d be interested to learn of anyone’s experiences of this combination used for playing music from SD cards in the 2go through higher level DACs than Hugo. I’ve read the past threads I can find on this, and I know a number of forum members have used 2go+2yu happily in main systems with Hugo, but I’m wondering beyond that.

Picking up on some past posts that seemed particularly relevant:

@T-elmi, last I read you had upgraded from Hugo to Dave using 2go & 2yu. How do you find it, and did you compare tge 2go 2yu directly with any other players/transports/store-renderers?

@NO-QUARTER, at one point you appeared to be considering - did you go ahead, or at any rate try?

@Mrpseudonym, at one time you were using 2Go with Hugo2, and in one thread you mentioned buying Dave and said you’d have to change 2go or buy a 2yu. Did you try with 2yu?

@nbpf, at one point you had the same front end as I (Mac Mini + Audirvana), and wondered how 2go+2yu compared - did you find out?

My interest arises from a desire to find a good music source for use when campervanning for long periods. I had thought maybe something like Poly and Mojo plus a good pair of headphones (those yet to be sought), then I thought of 2go-Hugo with its option of 2yu to fit into main system. If good enough to replace my Mac Mini / Audirvana feeding Dave, 2go’s singular advantage would be having my entire music collection in it, just pick up and take when going away with no need to sort out the music I want. If suitably nice to use as well, it would then make a decent replacement for the mAc Mini which although still running well likely will need replacing one day.

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Hello @Innocent_Bystander … I ended up ditching the dave and moving to the dCS Bartok with my nap300 … so I don’t think that helps you. FWIW I thought the Hugo2+2Go was a winning combination, I found the Dave too clinical. I think Chord really nailed it with their portable set up


Thanks @Mrpseudonym! Dave suits me, though I haven’t heard the DCS DACs. Best DAC for anyone (within any given budget) will of course depend on personal preference in sound presentation, and system in which it sits.

Sorry IB, I did not get to try the 2go/2yu so can not offer any opinion about it.

Thanks anyway for responding, @NO-QUARTER

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I haven’t gone beyond 2go/hugo2 but for what it’s worth the major downside for me is that the 2yu introduces a power supply. I played around running mine plugged into mains and could never achieve the quality of battery use. It introduced a hum into my SN3 which I then overcame with a link but there was always something missing than the pure battery driven source that 2go/hugo is.

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I have the mojo2 with poly for when out and about.
I am using it this month whilst away in the motorhome, plus i used it on the cruise earlier this year. So far it’s been brilliant and certainly high quality music.
I have loaded up a miro card inside the poly and mainly use this over streaming from my qobuz account.
I have the sennheiser ie 900 headphones, that sound fantastic with it.
I really like the way you can tune the sound with the mojo2 with all it’s filters, and controls. Plus the battery life is good.

I think you will be hard pushed to do better for the money outlay, plus it’s very compact and neat.
Cheers dunc


Thanks for that - something to ponder!

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Thanks, and yes, Mojo was already on my radar and the most likely contender - just re 2go/2yu the thought of the ease with which I could just pick up all my music and travel is very appealing indeed - but only IF iis good enough to feed my home system, otherwise the significant extra cost would seem excessive and unnecessary for my mobile use.

I Obviously don’t use the mojo in my home system, and i think you need to use the headphone output if you did. This probably wouldn’t be the best solution, but having never tried it can’t really comment.
But as a portable device it certainly ticks all the boxes

No, I wasn’t at all thinking of Poly (or Mojo!) for home, only wondering about possibility of the 2go/2yu

Sorry miss understood.
Don’t you need a dac as well to use the 2go / 2yu ?
This is starting to get a bit much i feel to be portable.

I can just pop the mojo2/poly in my pocket and off i go for the day

Yes, for portable would need Hugo with the 2Go, so quite a but more expensive for the setup - only worth if if the 2go/2Yu is a very good feed for Dave at home.

My mobile use is not out and about but in campervan, so fitting in pocket is not essential albeit might be useful on occasion.

Sounds like you have a different set off requirements to me.
I wanted something small, portable, sounds great, headphone amp built in, streamer and memory card.
The mojo2 completely fills this, and sounded so much better than the dac donggu

I guess i could easily connect the mojo to the motorhomes music system, but never bothered, but maybe i should try it. But it sounds much better than the dac usb dragonfly i was using.

I used a Dragonfly with my iPhone for a while, and the sound quality was decent enough if you can cope with the thing dangling off the bottom of the phone. I get far better results from a Sony portable player, with very good sound indeed and huge battery life that saved draining the battery on your phone.
The Mk1 hugo I had did sound better, but the downsides were the extra bulk, no built in storage or streamer, and much shorter battery life.

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I need headphones for the campervan - its “music system” could never be good enough sound quality for enjoyable music listening in given the space constraints - and even if it were possible, much of the time there’d be major compatibility problems between my wife’s and my music tastes, while at any time if camping other people music would have to be kept down low.

I have considered using a phone or tablet as source, with Dragonfly ir even Mojo, but really I’d like to take all mg music collection with me, and not have to think in advance what to put in the device for the coming weeks.

Well the poly can connect to your streaming choice, as said i use qobuz with it, and it works great.
I guess i could probably connect to my melco at home as well using bubble ? But haven’t tried.
But the micro card is unlimited, so probably a good idea to max this out. I found using the micro card and controlling from my phone worked very well when i was on the cruise ship with no Internet connection.
But certainly it’s one of the best solutions for sound quality you will get, plus not that expensive, especially if you buy secondhand.

I picked up a second hand Poly to go with my Mojo 2 a couple of weeks ago. Absolutely fantastic as a little bedroom/headphone system.

I installed the combo in my modest Naim system and all the basics are there. It did really well and much better than I expected. I imagine going up the Chord ladder things must get very very good.


Card is what I’d use. (I don’t subscribe to any music streaming services.) I can’t remember if Poly will take up to 0.5 or 1TB. If the latter I can provably just about squeeze all my collection on it. Otherwise 2 cards - and they’re a reasonable price now, nit like when Poly first appeared. 2Go can take 2 cards, eacb up to 2TB, so all my music would fit with no trimming and no card swapping, with potential space for more than I’ll ever buy.