Chord C-Line network cable

The founder is Swedish and not that good in English and sales/marketing and most things outside product development. It’s a small company with limited resources so that’s not a priority for him. I wouldn’t judge product performance by the grammar on a web page :wink:


I would rather listen to music, but thanks for the advice.

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If you take of the helmet it will sound even better :ok_hand:

Are you referring to the Fez?

I do understand what’s in a so called ground box, I’ve also worked in biology & chemistry research and for a manufacturer of very sensitive electronic instruments:

The whole principle of the so called “Ground Box” is fundamentally flawed.

I will always call out this pseudoscience: no one should be deceived by these devices.


Payday approaches. One is being cautious with the cash at the moment as who knows what’s around the corner but my £75 is about to be put down.

Great to have your CV listed. Will forever change how my system sounds. Thanks!


I have no doubt that it can change the sound from a system (as can connecting any such antenna).

I’m just calling out the deception of calling it a ‘ground’ - and specifically calling out the implication that it’s a more ‘stable’ reference point than would be the case for other forms of untuned antennae.


Give Chord, Nordost, Entreq and all others a call and explain to them what you found out :+1: Im sure they don’t intended having antennas in their roadmaps.

Any conductor, surrounded by an insulator with one or both ends of the circuit left open will act as an antenna.

It matters not of what the conductor is made. It matters not of what the insulator is made.
It’s a simple as that.

Incidentally It wasn’t I that found that out - it’s been well known since the days of Heinrich Hertz (in 1888), and was used by Marconi!


5m of Chord C-Stream network cable on order. Should arrive tomorrow. Thanks for the views all. Genuinely interested to hear what it does compared to the 5m of cheap whatever that’s in there now. Streamer to DAC and DAC to 202 are both Chord Epic. Not sure I can justify a leap to Epic for ethernet as money is likely to be very tight for lots of reasons over the next 12 months and there are more important things to spend what I do have but, worst case scenario, it comes back out. Im sure I could find other uses.

I note other threads on said cable where descriptions vary from awful to wonderful (I am paraphrasing). I also note it’s allegedly directional and should be marked as such. However, I also noted that people posted that the coloured dot or whatever it is should be at the switch end. I as yet have no switch so… any clues as to where my dot should be located? Is it at the streamer end or is it at the end going into my wireless bridge?

The broadband hub (router) is your switch.

The Chord instructions … “Look for a black dot on one of the RJ45 connectors. For best sound quality, the plug with the black dot should be connected to the source. If using the cable to connect an audio streamer to a router the plug with the black dot should be connected to the router.”

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Thank you. Stupid question then. I’ve not noticed anything which says so but is the Epic USB directional?

USB cables are not directional.
Your C-Stream has nothing that makes it directional, its just Chord claiming it sounds better that way round (not that I believe a word of it)
The only thing that would make an ethernet directional would be (for e.g.) if it had a floating screen at one end only where the screen is designed to connect to a shrouded (earthed) RJ45 port but be open circuit at the other.


Progress indeed!

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Might be worth adding this is your own assumption based on something something that doesn’t really confirm your assumption is true.


…… and what assumption is that if I might ask.

Based on they’re assumption? :thinking::wink:

Indeed. I’ve loved my new source this past 15 months. Sort of mourn the loss of the CDX2 but ultimately, even though no-one could find an issue, it wasn’t doing it for me any more.

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Cable arrived and reading that again… my streamer and router are on different floors. They’re connected via a wireless bridge. As the cable is thus not going “into the router” my assumption is black dot into the streamer? Have I understood that correctly?