Chord c stream direction . Server to switch or vice versa

Quick network question I have naim nd5xs2 connected with c stream to Cisco switch then c stream from Cisco to Apple Mac mini which is Roon server. The c stream had a dot to denote source so the link from Cisco to nd5xs2 is ok but which end does the black dot go in the link from Mac mini to Cisco switch?

Unsure, but I would try both, I doubt you will be able to tell the difference unless you want to…


:small_blue_diamond:Have you,.or if you lack knowledge,someone else made an optimal installation of your music-system.

Then you’ll hear the difference,.if you don’t have these prerequisites.
Well,.then it depends on how experienced you are,if you are going to hear the difference.

Everyone I’ve come across has heard the difference,.sometimes it’s very small. Sometimes much bigger,.but there’s always a difference.


Well that was unexpected ! I flipped the lead so both source dots are at the switch end, music seems more of a piece and cohesive.


:small_blue_diamond:As I said,.and good to hear :+1:t2::smiley:.

We have time to do a lot of detail-work,.during these Corona-times.

Stay safe…

Would you be able to tell the difference in a blind test? I also install cables to follow manufacturers instruction but in a blind A-B test doubt I could tell difference. It makes me feel better, I think to have them in the optimum oriention but I have doubts its real.

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:small_blue_diamond:Different knowledge,.different experiences.

Stay safe out there…

I had the Chord C-stream and found some guidance on cable direction on the Futureshop site:

When installing a C-stream, look for a small black dot at one end of the cable; this is the end of the cable that should be connected to the source component. For example, when used between a router and streamer, the plug with the black dot should be connected to the router.

Hi yes that was the question, it’s easy to know that the source is the router when connected to the streamer but it’s whether the Mac mini which is the Roon server is the source or the router as data travels both ways. I asked chord and they said black dot at the Mac end but it does sound slightly better the other way round

The data travels both ways in an ethernet cable, ffs.



As I said but the dot is to denote shield connection I think so the Cisco has a better earthing arrangement than the Mac, hence the slight change? Only in my opinion of course…

I would love to say fair enough but fail to see why it would change the sound. But then I don’t buy it full stop so there is that.

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Do we know this for sure? I tried to press Chord for an explanation of the differences some time ago, as I had a C-Stream cable with no black dot on it, but they wouldn’t say.

Not from chord to be fair, just a bit of googling the cat7 cable which is shielded and as it’s directional, so I assumed the black dot is about shield connection? I may well be wrong though and tbh it’s not something I’ll lose sleep over!

It should have a black dot on the source end, this does fade away

all black dots present and correct…, just enjoying music while i ‘work’

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