Chord Chor Alloy connector pins

Anyone know anything about this new type connector pins on the Sarum T din interconnects?
Chord claims it’s an improvement on the previous din termination?
It’s mentioned as a new development on the din termination, not sure if it’s used on other terminations such as RCA . Read something that they will be gradually be upgrading many of their terminations with this plated alloy.

Their website says

"The upgraded ChorAlloy™ plating is available on VEE3 and PTFE RCA/phono connectors, ChordOhmic speaker connectors (spade and 4mm banana), BNC connectors, most USB connectors and the connecting pins of DIN and XLR connectors.

C-series cables, Clearway USB cable, streaming cables and mini-jack connectors will remain the same."

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Hi David,

I’m 3 weeks into having RCA and Din ChorAlloy connectors fitted to my Music i/c (Linn KDSM to 552) and I’m delighted with them.

You’ll recall how your Sarum T first sounded, well the ChorAlloy is more of the same. Brilliant upgrade.

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Thanks Dave,
So you already had the Music interconnect and specifically asked to change the terminations because of the new Chor Alloy material being offered as an upgrade?
If so , what were the changes u noticed?

Yes, that’s right.

Do you recall when you first got the Sarum T? If you were like me, you may well have found that the impact was nothing to do with bass, treble, image or anything that’s often cited when cables are discussed, it was the sheer emotional connection to the music. ChorAlloy is like that. I’d say they’re a must have.

I also compared them on a set of Music speaker cables and it was a real “wow”. Mine are being done next month.

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I’m a month ahead of you Dave :slight_smile:

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Look forward to hearing what you think.

I want to stagger the upgrades so I can see what each one does, this first one is tremendous.

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Next will be chord ground arrays upgraded with chord alloy plugs. Night and day experience to come soon. :grin:

Aha, they don’t carry a signal so I imagine they wouldn’t make any difference. :smile:

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Update: I emailed Chord Co. re my loose sheath on my SarumT din:din interconnect. I was expecting them just to reassure me that this issue would not affect the quality of the sound.
Instead they offered to send me a brand new cable with the new upgraded Chor Alloy din terminations!
Received the cable couple days ago….not yet sure if the Chor Alloy makes an improvement, but as Chord advised need 100 hrs to reach full potential.
Regardless great customer service. I’m in the US which makes it even more impressive.


I received my Chord Music Chor Alloy terminated speaker, jumpers and IC cables yesterday well packaged with excellent workmanship evident. My system (apart from S1) had been powered down for over two weeks whilst I was on holiday in South Africa during which time the cables had been left with Chord. So considering that and the fact that the terminations will benefit from a certain burn in time I was delighted to hear after a mere hour of warm up a clear improvement in sound quality over the previous incarnations. Noise floor is lower with a cleaner, more expressive and tighter presentation that IMO lifts Chord Music well above SL in my system and room. These upgraded cables aren’t cheap but well worth an audition for those with the means and a liking for what the top Chord cables bring to the table.

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Unlike you, I’ve just got the Interconnect done but I do think you’re being modest. OK, so mine has had a good burn in but I’d say it’s a really significant improvement on the old connectors.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if a comparison between SL and Signature (ChorAlloy equipped) didn’t favour the latter.

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