Chord Dave settings - revisited

A while back I asked for help figuring out which were the default settings for the Chord Dave DAC, especially the Phase (Negative or Positive) and the HF Filter (On or Off)… I found out the defaults were Phase set to Positive and HF Filter set to On.

I changed the Phase setting to Negative and for me, the sound quality is far better like that, I could not hear any difference changing the HF Filter settings… Now I know that I should not focus on which setting it should be at and just keep it at whatever setting sounds better, however, I am curious as to what the others that use Chord Dave are experiencing and how they have it configured.

I am also trying to better understand what these settings actually do…

How do the rest of the Chord Dave users out there have it set? any feedback welcome…

HF Filter = On
Phase = Negative

are my DAVE settings on Blu2+DAVE+Etude

I haven’t had much time to try these settings, but I’m using the same settings here - Negative phase, HF filter on. First impressions were that there was a small improvement, but I need to play with them a bit more before I can honestly say what works best for me.

I borrowed a DAVE from my dealer three times before I tried negative phase, which finally made it sound better than my old QBD76. I asked Rob Watts what this control actually did, but he didn’t seem to have a clear explanation. Or maybe he did & it went shooshing over my head.

I tried the filter on both settings, didn’t do anything audible to me. Think I left it on.

Seems to be a common impression, it comes with Phase set to positive, yet most people find that it sounds better when set in negative phase.

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