Chord English Electric 8 Switch

Afternoon all,
Has anyone heard one of these running with a NAC N-272?

There is a massive thread here. We don’t really need another.

Thanks :+1:t3:

Read the reviews and opinions. I’m getting one!

Quick question:
I’m currently running a Wireworld Starlight 8 Ethernet from my Virgin Media hub to the NAC N-272 streamer.
Would I be better off either
A: Chopping in this cable for a pair of Chord C-stream and this English Electric box … or
B: Using the Wireworld with the box and if so would it be best employed from VM hub to box or from box to streamer?
Thanks in advance.

I’ve been in contact with Chord and got the answer direct :wink:.
C-stream from VM hub to Chord box then higher end Ethernet from box to streamer.

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Your really should ask the question in the other thread! Or read the posts, this has been discussed many times and I promise that you can find every recommendation that you are looking for :slight_smile:


Noted :wink:.

…sure ! …
…bit like looking for a specific needle in a haystack !!!

The number of posts with “C-Stream” in them is manageable :slight_smile:

“…Needle in a haystack”
I wasn’t going to say it :grin:

Like I said, the search helps. The problem is, if you ask the same question again (and feel free to, I am not the forum police and it was just a suggestion for getting an answer to your question) you may well get at least one person who prefers each of the possible combinations. Or people might not be so interested anymore because it has been discussed to death. The search function within the other thread will show you all these past discussions from when people were still very motivated :slight_smile:

My prediction is that you will have to try yourself, because if there are real differences and it is not just peoples’ minds, then the effects seem to differ in every setup. Some people prefer the BJC 6a everywhere, others prefer the C-Stream between router and switch but the BJC between the switch and Naim unit, others prefer the BJC between router and switch but the C-Stream between switch an Naim unit, some say it is worth it to spend 5000 for long runs of Chord Music or AQ Diamond. Some prefer the 8switch alone, some cascaded behind a Cisco, others like it cascaded but before the Cisco. Chord says not to use a linear power supply, but Chord dealers say it is a must, forum members say yes or no. You get the picture :slight_smile:


To answer the specific OP question about EE8 to 272. I have just now and I am very happy with the result.

So my sense that the BJ6a all the way is proven!



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