Chord Epic X or TW-56 Deep-Cry speaker cables?

Both of these cables are in my price range.

My system consists of a Naim Supernait 3 going into Dynaudio Evoke 50 utilizing Naim NAC A5 speaker wire.

I can only comment with experience with the Epic X and, if of help, I found they are very good in terms of transparency and retaining good soundstage. Considering your speakers, if you are enjoying their bass performance you may want to look at a slightly heavier gauge (?) but if to tame it or tighten it up, they might just work very well?

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I’m not sure about the Chord Epic X but if it sounds close to Signature XL which I currently own, I would recommend going for it. I owned the Epic Twin before and the Signature XL sounds less coloured with reduced smearing of notes and more pinpoint accuracy and detail.

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When I’ve tried the original Epics in the past, I remember I did not really like them so much but the Epic X feel much improved.
Recently I needed speaker cables for my small monitors and had a chance to compare the Epic X with the Signature XL directly. They are indeed similar as an overall tonality and character, and while the Sig XL had some more depth and body, for the most part, the Epic X felt comparable and just as transparent, detailed and cohesive with the small monitors, so in the end I could not justify the cost of the Sigs. If this was to make a choice for some larger or floorstanding speakers, I think it would have hard to send the Sigs XL back:)
You can see some differences between the two and in terms of gauge as well.


Thoughts on Epic XL?

Anything not right about what you have now?

Seems a bit veiled.

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