Chord Mojo 2 in hi-fi setup

Hi Guys,

Curious to see your comments/ suggestions on using Chord Mojo 2 in home setup.
Currently using Atom as a streamer connected to Accuphase e-270 integrated. Mojo has been dusting on a shelf along with Hifiman Sundara for a while as i’m not using ithis pair often.
Ordered AQ Cinammon Toslink 1,5m to plug it to my TV with Tidal and Nordost Blue Heaven iKable 3,5 mm jack to XLR to connect it to my integrated.

Dying of curiosity to see what this can bring ip in terms of SQ and overall experience compared to Atom.



I used my Mojo 1 for a while, fed from an Android phone, until a Hugo mk1 replaced it. Sounded great! Still use my Mojo for headphone duties


Thanks @gthack ! What volume level did you use? As i understand there’s no fixed line-out… do you need to set the volume every time you switch it off / on?

The mk1 Mojo has a line level setting (similar to the Hugo) - pressing both volume buttons switches to it. The mojo forgets this mode after you switch off. It does remember the non line level volume setting between power cycles. This from the manual:

“To set the output level to 3V ( line level ) for connection to a preamplifier press both volume buttons
together when switching on the unit. Both volume balls will illuminate light blue. This mode is not
remembered so when you switch off it will reset back to the previous volume stored for safety reasons.”

Just like the Hugo, 3V is “hot” so I’m fairly sure I tweaked it down from that when I used it that way.

…I can’t see that the Mojo 2 has a line level setting though, is that why you’re asking?

@gthack thanks for detailed explanation. Yes, i read that somewhere, however, trying to figure out what is the best optimal way of using it, and if Mojo 2 doesn’t support fixed output, what should be the volume level setting? Does the 100% volume degrade sound or causing distortion (such as Atom)?
I won’t favor adjusting volume every time i use it :slight_smile:
Also, have you kept it on all the time? As far as i can recon in Mojo 1 smart battery option was not available…

That’s the real issue with the Mojo 1, and IIUC the benefit of the Mojo 2. I turned it off when not in use, and charged it when it got low. The mojo 2’s smart desktop mode should make leaving it on a lot more friendly to the battery.

Also, if you leave it on then just find a sensible volume setting that allows a decent range on your amp, and leave it there. I wouldn’t have thought max volume would be very amplifier friendly. Maybe the manual suggestion (even if aimed at headphone use) of starting at zero and increasing from there makes most sense

I believe @Analogmusic is someone else who has experience of Mojo 1.

I haven’t any experience of Mojo myself, though I do have experience of Hugo 1, which initially I used to upgrade an ND5XS, with a marked uplift in sound quality to my ears - distinctly more natural sound. Some other people described it as more analogue-like.

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Hi. I don’t have one, but I do use an Audioquest Dragonfly to take Tidal from my IPhone to my SN3.
I bought a Chord 3.5mm to phono cable and use an Apple camera adapter to connect it all up.
Sounds better thanCD to me

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I have a Mojo 1 and I think it’s remarkably good. I have used it in various configurations, particularly with a Rega io, which it’s great with - quick and musical. That pair, along with some tiny old Canton speakers, make up my vacation system, which is great. I did use it in my main 32.5/HC/160 system and it didn’t feel like it was a huge drag on the system. I think it is better than my old Rega DAC (which I never really loved). However, it is not on the same level as my current Naim nDAC (nor should it be).

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