Chord Mojo 2

I originally got it as an alternative to the Mojo, with a mind to use it mainly as a desktop DAC and DAP. I’ve not got a 2go for it yet so that remains a future project. I did use it as a DAC with my ND5 XS2 for a while as I considered various setup options, eventually I ended up with the NDX2 I think in part because I wanted a neat and tidy setup and something that had cohesive system synergy hence consolidating as I have now on a system with a Supernait 3 and NDX 2.
The Hugo 2 is a great DAC and with the benefits of being portable and able to drive a range of headphones, also now it can function as a DAP much as the Mojo/Poly was designed to. I like it enough to have kept hold of it and use it in various static/desktop scenarios primarily for now, but it’s not my main device or system.
In terms of how a Hugo 2 performs alongside an NDX2 in the same system, in my case one amplified by a Supernait 3, I’d probably think of the Hugo as accurate and laid back somewhat whereas the NDX2 feels faster and more punchy.


Love the Supernait3. I have a Qutest feeding mine.

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