Chord Mojo 2

Anyone been able to compare them (Mojo 2 vs Mojo 1)

with new desktop mode where one can play the Mojo all day without harming the battery, I might just get one for myself.

as for improving on SQ for Mojo1 not sure, the mojo 1 is already so good as it is, nothing much to improve (I have the Chord Dave already)

However all the reviews say it sounds even better, and with new EQ and battery management seems Mojo2 is the one that can beat mojo 1

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I await your review!

It will be interesting to see if they do anything further with Poly (other than firmware). I’m contemplating a portable system (headphones), and 2go has an attraction if good enough with Ugo for home system source into Dave because then I could have my entire music collection in it and by also getting Hugo I could just pick up 2go and travel. Even better if that worked with Poly with no loss of sound at home, allowing Mojo instead of Hugo for travel.

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The thing which improved the Mojo SQ for me was the Poly.

I am trying to get my hands on a Mojo2, currently they are sold out.

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Notable changes for me seem to be

Adoption of Hugo 2 servo output stage, allowing the omission of the Mojo 1 output decoupling capacitor.
Removal of the deliberate ‘slightly rolled off’ in the high frequencies sound of the Mojo 1, associated with Mojo 1 output stage.
DSP 4 band PEQ filters, not really extensive enough for me but better than nothing.
Ability to operate in mains mode without the battery being on trickle charge.
Reasonable price increase over the Mojo 1

Sounds ok (if you see what i mean)

Are you UK? Not sure i’m allowed to mention them by my local well regarded dealer are showing 5 in stock


Currently not looking to buy one, that might come later :wink:

Chord currently have none, they are all with the dealers.

I hope it is better. The price went up like 40%

Mojo1 was £399, Mojo2 is £449. Maths was never my strong point but i make that about 12.5%


I’ve got a Mojo v1 + Poly and find it does a good job for what it’s designed for and what I need it for. I did take a look at the updated version when it appeared, it’ll likely be an improvement in a number of respects but I’m not sure I’d be rushing to swop out the Mojo. I’ve had the Poly pretty much since it came out, it was rubbish for a long time, it’s got a lot better and it’s now finally quite stable and reasonably good to use, it’s certainly a LOT easier to use with Roon driving it, otherwise it’s a bit of a faff with 3rd party apps and various tinkering about with playlists on the SD card.
If Chord made a decent iOS/Android app to drive the Poly I’m sure it would be a bigger success. I have used it as a standalone DAC but find myself doing that rarely if at all these days and with the Poly it becomes a bit redundant using it standalone anyway, although it’s handy you can do so.
There’s probably a simple answer but the connectors on the Mojo 2 seemed a bit “busy” with the old Micro USB ports and another USB C port, meaning more cables and tinkering about, why didn’t they just implement a simpler USB C based data and charging interface?
One thing I’ve always wished I could do with mine was turn the lights off in use, and have them only active when you press the buttons, using it in the dark lights up the room like a Christmas tree. Referring to the Mojo 2 manual, it still only has the same crazy bright, or just really bright button settings…

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I am not entirely surprised… I am not in the market for a mobile DAC. Don’t go often enough into the office. But if I had a daily commute…. Mojo seems difficult to beat…

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You can dim the lights with Mojo 2, see page 9 “brightness adjustements”

well I went quickly when my dealer got stock as I knew they will run out quickly.

and well, it does sound immediately very much improved over the Mojo 1, this is not a small difference.

the bass is much better, the separation of instruments, the increased in air/ambiance, wow…

switching back to Mojo1, still sounds lovely, but immediately I can hear the bass difference, and the other differences mentioned above.

It’s not a small difference at all, and with all the new features, including intelligent desktop mode (it disconnects the battery so I can run it from the mains all day long without harming the battery) - this is much improved over mojo 1.

I like it.


Picking mine up tomorrow. Can’t wait to test side by side


Following on new DSP features are really good.

Not available in any other chord Dac, it’s very useful to fine tune the sound on headphones

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I know, I want them off completely unless pressed.

This is a significant improvement indeed. The reason why I left the Mojo camp for desktop usage was the endless connecting / disconnecting with the old usb connection and the faff of connecting a power supply. Glad its improved.

My current system is; Cyrus CDXT Sig > Mojo 1 > SN3 > PMC Twenty5 22.

I’ve pretty much ripped all my CD’s into FLAC lossless now and I’ve been putting off taking the plunge into streaming for a while now. Mojo/Poly looks really interesting but how would this rate vs NDX2? Obviously its considerably more money. Would NDX2 thoroughly outclass Mojo 1 & 2?

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If you’re a fan of the mojo 1, you’re unlikely to find anything else at that price that sounds as good.

I’ve got both, a Mojo v1 and an NDX2, and yes the NDX2 is more capable, but aside from both being a DAC they are quite different products.
I use Mojo/Poly with Roon, mostly for late night listening or (as originally intended) as a portable DAP.
I’ve also got a Hugo2 which is probably a closer comparison (as is the Qutest).
I’ve yet to hear or try the Mojo v2, from what others are commenting it seems like it’s a capable improvement over the v1.

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how does Hugo 2 compared to NDX2.

How do you define capable?