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Does anybody know if iPhone 15 will work with an older Chord Mojo (Eg: Version 1 Mojo). With previous iPhones you used a Lightning Camera Adapter. With iPhone 15 it’s USB-C. Would a USB-C to Micro USB cable allow me to connect the Mojo V1 directly to iPhone 15 ?

Not specifically a Naim Query, though I do connect the Mojo to the Naim system occasionally.

I haven’t tried it myself, but almost certainly yes.

Thanks for your response. Will give it a try.

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Do let us know the answer then please, in due course!

I subsequently posted a message on the Chord Electronics Support page, asking the question of them directly. I wasn’t expecting a prompt response, but that’s exactly what I got. I am informed that legacy Mojo WILL work with iPhone 15 when directly connected using a USB-C to Micro USB cable.


And, indeed, having tried it today, it does !


I bought a Mojo to pair with an older iPhone and it went straight back as I could hear no difference at all!

I’ve now bought a high end DAP instead

Can you tell the difference from the iPhone bare?

To my ears yes…. It’s much more natural (more analogue sounding ??) with the Mojo and I can listen for longer periods.

I use B&W P7 headphones and stream direct to my iPhone using Roon (and also using Qobuz) which means I can get the benefit of Hi-Res. Occasionally I use iTunes if my WiFi or network connection is bad (usually when on vacation).

It works for me anyway.


I do wonder if I wasn’t using mine correctly… wired into some Ultrasone edition 8s I literally couldn’t hear a single difference.

I was making my head hurt doing back to back comparisons with and without but it was simply identical to my ears, bar being slightly louder!

Glad it works for you though :smile:

It doesn’t bear comparison to my main Linn/Naim/Kudos system, but when I want to listen to music and my wife doesn’t or I’m laying on some tropical beach it’s still good enough to get lost in the music :grinning:

It’s interesting though. Those are serious headphones you were using. More so than my P7’s. I can tell you that a number of my work colleagues listened and were also impressed (though, not being serious music enthusiasts, not enough to shell out £399 for themselves).

Definitely sounds like I was doing something wrong then!!

I’ve played it through my main system and it was quite respectable. In fact that was my first foray into the world of streaming. I’ve used it on my main PC through my Harmon Kardon speakers and the improvement was obvious. Even attaching a cheap pair of Logitech speakers in my brothers holiday villa was an obvious improvement over attaching the speakers directly to the iPhone.

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