Chord mojo?

Merry XMass all. Hope those HiFis have and are being kept busy over the holiday season.
Quick question. I have all CDs ripped onto a USB and iPad. Will the sound quality sound better playing via air play/ chrome cast from iPad to nd5. Playing via USB into nd5 xs2 or via chord mojo + iPad + nait nsx3?

I would opt for this. By keeping simple and because i currently use this compromise on my system and sounds good.

Merry Xmas to you.


chromcast is for google stuff so I assume it’s airplay in your case. anyway:

  1. airplay - ipad to nd5xs2- the worst
  2. usb into nd5xs2- normal and rather very good
  3. ipad- mojo- amp - who knows, you should check cause maybe sound of mojo will be the best for you
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AirPlay is a definite no!!
Usb is def the way to go…

I had a mojo for a while… Used it though my iPhone onto shure se846… Was assured when I handed over £300 quid that it would blow me away…
It just Boosted the volume to uncomfortable levels. Sound quality didn’t change one bit! It’s been in my
man draw for 6 months now, never use it, waste of money…

P.s it built fantastically thou! Can’t argue with the build quality…

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The mojo sounds great paired with headphones and Qobuz - I do notice a significant improvement when streaming hires/ hifi and more body when playing ripped music but was curious to find how it faired when played through the mojo into the amp.

USB + amp sounds very good - I guess I need a session to plug in the mojo and compare. I was more curious on how and if there would be any improvement using one dac over another. Report to follow :smiley:

I only used it with Spotify… I just found myself blasting my eardrums all the time :joy:

strange - in my case mojo sounded rich and detailed beyond expectations. compared to iphone out

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Yeah I thought it was a bit weird to be honest…
But just preferred the sound from the iPhone.

I use Mojo connected directly to Naim Core with spdf. Sounds remarkably good … very inexpensive way to get good sound.

I had a cable made up to connect the headphone port of the Mojo to the Aux 2 port of my 282. This was before I bought an NDX2. Set the Mojo to Line Level mode. Sounded just fine.

The cable was supplied by a company called Flashback. Not sure they exist anymore though.

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