Chord Ohmic Transmission Fluid

Thanks for the information, Dave!

So from your experience the Transmission Fluid actually worked?

Did you “only” treat your speaker cables? You heard a boost in performance from treating two cables? What would happen if treating a person’s entire system?

You are correct! Life is to short, right? :wink:

I’m very tempted to actually try. Not looking forward to all the work, though… :sweat_smile:

I would try a free sample…never going to happen.

Yep, the English Electric Switch and some other interesting cables…

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Nice! I’m very interested in the English Electric 8Switch as well! :sunglasses:

So, you heard a difference between different switches and different cables but not between a “standard cable” and one treated with Chord Ohmic Transmission fluid?

Based on the results on the speaker cables, I also did the mains cables.

Now THEY were really interesting :wink:

Did you find an improvement in sound quality from treating the mains cables as well?

Mains or speaker cables, where did you find the biggest improvement, would you say?

The 8Switch, you mean?


The worst that can happen is you hate it and have to clean it all off… :hot_face::sweat_smile::grinning:

That is correct.

I have heard a demo of 8Switch vs a Netgear 105 + S-booster PS approximately 3 months ago. The 8Switch was clearly better (in a NDX2 + SuperNait 3 + Neat Ekstra-system).

The big question for me when it comes to switches is if 8Switch or EtherREGEN is the best…

No, but that was interesting too

£200 for 10ml?! That’s going some even for hifi tweakery!

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