Chord PowerARAY

My dealer has given me one of these to demo. Personally I’m not hearing any discernible difference. I don’t have a separate ring main for HiFi and may just be lucky to have clean mains supply to my premises. Might also be that the XPSDR on my NDX2 is having an effect by keeping source clean.

Anyone else tried this and what effect did it have on your system.

If you can’t hear any difference then surely take it back and put the money to something different :+1:

For what it’s worth I like the effect that the one I have has in my system. Cleaner sound.


Thank you for the comment and glad to hear that you are deriving benefit.

My dealer offered it to me as a trial whilst I wait for new boxes so no obligation or expectation on either side. As mentioned above maybe I’m just lucky with my supply. I will try it at different times of the day as I understand that mains delivery like broadband delivery can vary depending on time of day and demand on the supply system. Not to mention noise generated within my own premises.

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I recently tried one and found its impact differed according to which plug was used. All made a difference but one made a much bigger difference than others, so it’s worth experimenting a bit. Does it improve matters? Yes. The noise floor is a bit quieter; bass is a bit clearer; the soundstage a bit more precise. Not night and day but more polished. Worthwhile? Try one in your system and see for yourself.

Did you mean which CABLE used as opposed to “which plug” David as all the PowerARAY´s are hardwired mains wise.

I imagine that for plug, read socket. It’s all about where you stick your £599.

I haven’t tried the PowerARAY but have the PowerARAY professional which I assume is more of the same thing in a bigger box with a Chord power cord attached. It made quite a positive difference, even though I have a separate audio ring for my system. I did find that the Pro version sounded best when not plugged into the system’s distribution block or the audio ring, but into the room’s normal plug sockets. That’s not what Chord recommends as best though.

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By plug I meant socket. Chord recommend that you plug the PowerArray into a socket close to the ones into which the HiFi is plugged but in my case I thought one a little further away had a bigger impact. (In addition it improved the picture on the TV too).

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Got it David and I agree with you and Monkey Jim. I use their version with the Music cable and although I like what it does in my M6 block I prefer it in the downstairs ring where my router/EE8 switch and Core are plugged.

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