Chord powerARAY

Who bought that…if so what it’s your impression…did it upgrade your music sound….thx


you didnt?hahaha

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Defo not. :joy:

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That really surprises me mate!haha looks right up your street

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I heard one at the Chord factory and will have a home trial at some stage. In the meantime @Cohen1263 has one and has also tried the different cable options, I believe.

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True Dave but discussing cabling, room treatment and mains noise reducing devices seem to be as taboo on a hifi forum as politics, money and religion are in a social scenario :joy: I will pass!


Perhaps you could express your thoughts via Emoji’s, Rob. Seems to be the done thing.

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:+1: to the product for those with open minds James. :joy:


Open minds and…wallets :smiley:

I bought the cheaper version @£500. Just plugs into the first socket of my Chord S6 mains block. Brought more solidity, focus and immediacy to the sound, deeper bass, blacker backgrounds. Not a night and day difference, but rather a very worthwhile advance on what the S6 block was already providing.


Hi all,

Looking at the website and installation is as follows…as below just in case anyone missed it!
I took the plunge on one of these after an extended demo and it seems to work well with these instructions in mind. Although the jury is still out on direct connection into the M6 or plugged directly into a “nearby “ mains socket and or furthest away mains socket on the M6 or closest to the mains in.

For optimum performance slightly loosen the screws that hold the ultra-lightweight feet in place. The feet are decoupled by a damping suspension ring located between the foot and the chassis.

PowerARAY Professional can be connected to a mains distribution block.
For a Chord Company PowerHAUS M6 use the socket furthest from the power input.
For a Chord Company PowerHAUS S6 use the socket closest to the power input.

After a few months experimenting with the PowerARAY in various positions on the Powerhaus M6 I’ve finally settled on this configuration. Hope it helps anyone with similar questions?

As always….YMMV.

And yes, the effect of all this stuff is very noticeable. There are always naysayers but it works for me in my system in my room🤷‍♂️


I have the S6 block and Power Array. The instructions say to plug into the first socket on the S6, but the last socket on the M6 as far as I recall. Did you try this?

The block and Power Array certainly made a very worthwhile improvement to my system.

To those who regard them as merely a method of depriving the gullible of their money I ask “Have you actually bothered to listen to them?” Mostly the response in such cases is that they don’t need to listen as they’ just know’ that such things cannot make any difference.

I wonder what would happen if Chord began to sell these blocks at say £20 each? My guess is that the nay-sayers would rush to buy them - even though they claim that they don’t work.

Thank you. Yes I did try this and it wasn’t as successful as where I have it now.

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