Chord Qutest/Super Nait 3 buzzing through speakers (and SN2 too)

earth loop - well documented with some chord gear, do a search on here and there will be a useful picture of a small length of wire of wire around the outside of one of the spare din sockets to earthing post - ive not got it too hand but its well known fix


What a faff, when you could have solved the problem so easily by upgrading the TT2 to Dave :crazy_face:


So, I got a Chord Hugo TT2 today to replace my Chord Qutest. Connected it to my SN3 and BUZZZZ.

But I never had any buzzzing from the Qutest - but I did use an SBooster power supply with the Qutest and the SBooster has a 3-prong mains plug (or as we’d call it here in the US a power cord). The TT2 has a 2-prong 19v power supply and the designer Rob Watts warns against using an alternative power supply or even adding a grounded power cord. The manual even says use of an alternative power supply voids the warranty.

I tried moving this that and the other thing. I replaced the RCA/RCA cable with a Naim RCA/DIN cable. Nothing stopped the buzzing.

Before panicking I did a search and found this thread. GREAT! Thank you all. Buzzing is now gone. I put the bare ground wire around the streaming DIN input and put the Din cable on to hold it in place. No Buzzing.

By the way, the Chord Hugo TT2 sounds most excellent.

Thanks again!

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Good to see someone with a similar setup to me. Glad this was also useful advice for you.
As a fellow SN3 user, I’d be interested in where you have the balance knob positioned?
If I position it dead centre, so 12:00, it is strongly driving the left speaker. Playing a mono track and using a combination of listening, plus a sound meter app, I settled on it in the 1:30 position. Is this normal?

Coming back to the SN3 & TT2 combination, the imaging, detail and FUN from these two really is special.

Hugo2 / SN3 owner here, so similar to Qutest.
Do you feel there is much of an upgrade to the TT2?

mine was the same so i just pulled it off gently and moved it one spline on the shaft…

ha ha, love the solution

Oh, my yes. The TT2 is an instant definite upgrade over the Qutest.

You know all those HiFi reviewer words? Well, add MORE to each one and that’s the upgrade.