Chord Qutest vs Supernait dac

Hi, would changing from the latter to the former offer better sound/music?

I know nothing about DACs


If I’m reading it correctly and you do that you won’t get any sound. The Chord is a DAC the Supernait is an amp.

Maybe Jeronimo is talking about internal DAC of Supernait 1?

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I have a strong suspicion that a Qutest would be a nice upgrade to the SN1 internal DAC, but such things are always best decided by listening for yourself.

The integrated Dac of the first Supernait is not good as a standalone dac when it goes on the market. For sure, the qutest will be a big step from this one.

Really you can forget the idea to buy the Supernait 1 for is dac.

Yes a lot better, but that is only an opinion. You may not agree that Chord DACs are game changers. You need to have a listen.

The DAC difference between Supernait 1 and NDX5XS is at least mind blowing big. My mother would even think so so it’s not one of these micro detail maybe topics. I’m 100% sure same goes for the Chord. SN1 is a great amp for its price today absolutely but with a rather small dac cost you will get a great update to it :+1:

Yes I have SN1 and looking for better dac without blowing silly money on it. The amp was built 2008 so I am assuming things have moved on a bit in that time. Are there other recommendations? The Chord name comes up a lot which is why I am asking. Thanks

Second hand naim dac. Around 1k. If you like the naim sound.

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If you use more than one source, a hicap dr might have a bigger impact since it is beneficial for all sources. I know that the sn’s dac also does improve when a hicap dr is added. The hicap dr does magic to the sn1, one of the biggest upgrades in the entire Naim landscape.

Chord dacs work very well with the sn1. I have used my chord mojo with the sn1. The sn1 is a bit raw, but the chord dacs are very smooth. This works out nicely.

There is a bit of a difference between chord dacs and Naim dacs. I’m not able to choose yet I like them both in their own way.

A common description of the sound of Hugo, from which Qutest is derived, compared to Naim’s DACs like those in the ND5XS and NDX (first generation at least) is that the Chord’s character is more natural, or more ‘analogue like’.

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Thanks Ardbeg (lovely drop btw)…

I have a HCDR on the snait and it makes a world of difference.

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