Chord Sarum Super Aray vs Sarum T (DIN DIN)

I currently use the Super Aray between my NDX2 and 552 and it was a great update for me. I have learned that one can update it to Sarum T with the new Choralloy connectors and I wonder if anyone have compared Super Aray to Sarum T and can tell me about the differences in sound signature? Is it worth the extra €€€?

IIRC @Dave has had this done recently and was very pleased, albeit this was on the Music cables.

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Yes, I had the new connectors fitted to my Music i/c and was really pleased with the results - more credibility, greater emotional connection, groove etc. I think it’s a really worthwhile upgrade.

I’d expect simply replacing the connectors on your existing Sarum would please you (they take a while to burn in!).

It’s been a while since I compared Sarum T to Sarum Tuned Array, but in every application - i/c, Din-XLRS, speaker cable and mains - the T upgrade was superior, building on the strengths of “old” Sarum. Think “more” and “better”.

In your position, might it not be an occasion to consider selling your existing cable and going Music? Transformational.


I find the Naim Hiline more musical than the Chord Sarum.

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I had the Hiline home for a trial but it didn’t do it for me. I preferred the Sarum :slight_smile:

I had one before upgrading to a Sarum.

In the same system as you have now ?

Yupp :+1:

I agree. I had both and the Sarum was far superior musically.

No one else moved from Chord Sarum Super Aray to Sarum T and can tell about the difference?

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