Chord sarum T analogue interconnect question

I have ordered one and have yet to receive it- it will be din- din termination. Does anyone know if it comes with the locking collar ?


Thanks. One of the things that annoyed me with the Hiline was that the weight of the cable would make it sag at the connection which is not acceptable in any cable, let alone an expansive one
I’m glad the chord cable has locking collar.

i have a sarum t din to din no locking collar I’ve had it since dec 2018 so it may have changed

Does it make a firm connection? Does it sag?
Wonder if newer ones have the collar or the older ones?
I would prefer a collar

Chord omitted the locking collars on the Sarum T
I expect the reasoning was better connection without the clamp action of the collar (?)
Many folk deliberately leave the collars undone on naim cables anyway, so the logic is why bother have them if not needed?

After a couple of years of use i’ve not experienced any concern or problems without locking collars, and this is with a full i/c Sarum T loom.
I find it nice not having the locking rings in the way, and the push fit is a good snug feel, and these cables aren’t anywhere near heavy enough to pull out of socket. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Debs, I gather u like the sarum T?

Yes i do.
However i’ve only experienced Sarum T with 552/500.
No idea what the result will be like with 52/135s.

Like i said before, one day i’ll try the Sarum T with my 72/135s : )
but i’m not in any hurry and do wonder if the Sarum effect may only serve to expose the limitations of the 72 (?)

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