Chord sarum t power cable

Anyone has tried or bought it? What are your impressions, vs powerline…?

I had the Chord Signature (think that was the name circa £500), that more than comfortably neat the Powerline.


Yes I whole heartedly recommend it, I’ve got a mixture of Sarum T and Super Sarum
I went from powerline to Super Sarum a good move but moving to T I found was an even bigger jump


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I would put it on the 555 dr. So it was a big real jump from Powerline ?

Used to use Powerlines, which I thought were really good, but I replaced them with Sarums after finding them to be substantially better on both Linn and Naim gear (the 552 and 500 absolutely love them).

I’ve now upgraded them to Sarum T and would happily go to Music after having a dem at the Chord factory. They were sensational (and sensationally expensive :smile:).

So you think I will not be disappointed? Because If I buy, I will not be able to return it.
I use actually a Kharma power cord , which I find better textured vs the powerline. However on the same level.
I have chord signature tuned array interconnects, from pre to amp and nds to pre, and like them a lot.

As the Sarum t costs 2k euros, I want to have a real upgrade, not minor.


I don’t see why you can’t return it


They occasionally crop up d’occasion, so if you can’t return them perhaps wait a while?

I was very happy with mine and I know you take your listening seriously so can’t imagine you’d be disappointed but best to hear first.

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Because I need European plug, Shuko . So my dealer has to order it to be made specially.
And I have to buy only by my dealer in France, as he takes my Melco n1h2 to finance 2/3 of it.

Is the gap between Sarum t power cord vs the powerline the same as between powerlite and powerline ?
If yes, I am prepared to buy it for that price.

My sarum t is on the 555 dr, since 30 hours. It begins to open and i begin to feel how good it is !
My Kharma matrix was , for me, already better than the powerline, because more organic, textured and natural, without loosing prat or dynamics.
Now it’s another level. Very open, dynamic and sounding just right. Magical! In 100 hours, it will be very probably still better.

I have the Super Sarum power cable on my 555PS. I wondered whether it’s worth getting the cable upgraded to Sarum T. I have a Sarum T interconnect which I find fine, but I didn’t test it against Super Lumina; Chord’s upgrade programme just meant that it was half the price of the Naim alternative. Interested in your thoughts as the cable gets more hours on it.

Interesting you have chord too. I will give more feedback later.
For now very pleased.

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Any news on your Sarum T?

Great uplift, I have shared in other thread , what is your power cable.
The instruments are better defined, the soundstage more open, bass is tighter. Just a bit more of everything. And my 555dr is no more humming.
Expensive however. But I don’t regret.

Thanks, sounds good! I have its predecessor the Sarum Super Aray. I like it, but I heard Sarum T is an improvement. Unfortunately it’s around £1,000 to get it upgraded. Glad you like yours.

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