Chord - Sarum T Super Aray - 4DIN to XLR

Has anyone used these interconnects between a 300 DR and a Supercap DR? Any feedback would be appreciated?

Curious to know also. I had Chord Music, Sarum T, and SuperLuminas all on trial at the same time with my Supercap DR to 250DR, and opted for Superlumina as best SQ for cost. Music was easily best SQ of all but too pricey. Sarum T didn’t have much if any on the SuperLumina so got one of those 2nd hand.
Heading for a NAP300dr after lockdown, so also wondering about this Q from Katmaimatt…

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Just checking in again to see if anyone had any opinions about these interconnects.


My experience was with 300 and then 300DR, but with a 552. At the time I compared Sarum Super (pre Sarum T) with SL and for all reasons anyone might be interested in listening to and enjoying music, preferred the Sarums. And by a quite a large margin.

If you had only compared SLs with standard Naim cables, you’d be delighted with the upgrade - they are really good - but you might baulk at the price. I’m now using Chord Music, having used them initially with a 300DR in preference to a non-DR’ed 500, but then saw the light after a 10 second dem at home and bought a 500DR.

Obviously I can’t say how Sarum would compare to SL in a 252 setting, but I’d be surprised if that somehow sounded better with SL. What I can say however is that anyone using a 552 with a 300 or 500 ought to at least have a listen to Sarum T’s (or better still Music] if they are considering upgrading.

Thanks Dave, I currently have a Sarum TA from my DAC to the 252 and then a Sarum T 4-pin - 5-pin for my Superline/Supercap. Both have been great upgrades. Just wasn’t so sure on the interconnects for the 300 DR. I do enjoy the 300 DR and had thought about a non-dr 500 but your insights are what i was thinking. I’m running NBL’s which sound great with this set up. Appreciate the insights.


In which case, if you already get what they do, I think you’ll really like what they do on a 300.


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