Chord Shawline streaming anyone?

Has anyone tried the Chord Shawline ethernet cables? I don’t see any mention of these on the forums in the streaming/ethernet cable threads, but might have missed it.

The EnglishElectric switch photos feature the shawline and not the ChordMusic. :slight_smile:

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Yes a mate loaned it to check if I heard the same on my Naim as he did on his Cyrus.
I can’t say I heard much difference, not enough to want me to replace my MeiCord.
The guy who loaned it however was enthusiastic as it did more for his Cyrus it seems, he’s since added another to his NAS branch.

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Yes, I have them on my Nova and Core in my office, and from the wall socket to my English Electric switch in our lounge - then I have the Chord Signature from the EE to the NDX2. I’m happy with them all, they are the only ones I have tried in my systems when I swapped out the original standard joe-blog cables.