CHORD Silent Mounts SM5s titanium?

hi all

any one experience of the CHORD Silent Mount SM5 titanium isolation rack mounts 50mm???

am after some quality anti-vibration spike protectors for my quadraspire SVT rack as the QX7 ones have damaged the floor as they are quite small and my rack is pretty heavy thus incurring wrath of SWMBO


Yep, I have them under both Fraim stacks after having initially used them with my speakers (at the time WB Arcs) and having excellent sonic results. I’d previously been using Naim Chips.

No floor damage on Mexican tiles.

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What was your findings upon using them with the speakers
I’m hoping to put in an engineered Oak floor this year, if I ever get time, it’s been manic all year I hear so much about lockdown in the news, that’s what I dream for

I’m looking at the 70mm for the DBLs
I’m planning on Naim skeets under the racks, did you notice a difference changing them for Chord, my racks are quite heavy 3 500’s on one and 5 naim power supplies and a Mastergroove power supply on the other

The speakers is my main concern and they’re quite heavy 135kg each


Lyndon, any chance or a system pic for the pics thread or even better a video for the all new video thread!? :open_mouth::+1:t2:


I’ll have a look at how to upload pics
I’m in a mid point between carpet and Oak flooo
I’ve got all the carpet out apart from under the speakers, they’re heavy
When the lockdown came for us in April I had so many plans, no furlough or anything for me I’m Ltd Co, I was only interested in the time it was going to give me
Turned out the lockdown was nearly 2 weeks long, back at work, why bother having a lockdown at all


Snap! :roll_eyes:

What are your thoughts removing the carpet, I can imagine you will be somewhat anxious. I have laminate with a large rug but would love to get carpet.

Thanks Dave I take it then the change to the chord silent mounts gave a noticable sonic improvement for you then ???

Sounds good keep wife happy and a little upgrade for my rack, win win

would just have to hide the receipt :wink:

I was really pleased with them. It was a while back but I recall they tightened the bass and improved the sense of scale.

I remember that I hadn’t been expecting much - I’d been asked to try some and did so almost as a favour. I’m glad I did, though, as they were a load better than the Chips I’d been using. Yes, they’re a lot more expensive but I felt they were good vfm.

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The carpet has gone other than under the DBLs and the 2 Kallax’s
It will be a very good engineered Oak floor 20mm and 6mm top
A 3mm soundproofing underlay


Engineered oak is what I have as flooring under my DBL’s. I currently use Naim chips but have been interested in trying the Chord Silent Mounts. I find the Naim chips and DBL interface incredibly sensitive. Just having the spikes slightly off centre is very audible, so have high hopes the Silent Mounts can improve on this.

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