Chris Farlowe RIP

Chris Farlowe British singer best know for his cover version of The Rolling Stones song Out of Time has died ages 82, Chris was far more that one song singer and was a brilliant blues singer and will be sadly missed.


Loved his work with Colosseum, great voice, RIP Chris.

I was listening to some Atomic Rooster the other day with Chris on vocals - one of the great British singers - he had a good innings.


One of the great British voices, and an important part of the soundtrack to my early teenage years.

RIP, Chris.

Chris Farlowe at Southend Cliffs Pavilion in 2017

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Another great loss r.i.p

So sad, we have been really losing so many truly great voices in recent times and Chris joins this unfortunate list.

His wiki page hasn’t reported this.

Some very good news,David Hepworth who reported this news is now reporting that this is not the case, not good reporting but a happy ending.

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