Christmas Presents

I confess I bought myself two:

  1. A pair of Cardas Ref RCA interconnects
    via The Bay; and
  2. A pair of Grahams Chartwell LS3/5a

I got hold of the Cardas a few weeks ago but couldn’t put them in my system as I was doing a test between HQPlayer and my MScaler, and didn’t want to change the setup.

I bought the Cardas as a friend bought a pair over and I enjoyed their influence.

I have been listening to the Weiss 204 for the past couple of weeks, and it works SUPERBLY with the SBLs. It made the MScaler/Qutest sound thin.

Yesterday I put in the Cardas which have really lifted the Chord mid-field tonality, so that it is almost as good as the Weiss. Interestingly they haven’t affected the tonality of the Weiss, I had feared they might over-egg its performance, but no.

I have been enjoying my main system performance so much I have only just started playing the Chartwells.


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Traded in my PMC Twenty 26 for pre-owned PMC Fact 12’s in readiness for the festivities, got a good deal due to some cosmetic damage, nothing major to be honest. Early days running these with my system but the mid range is to die for, vocals just come at you, speakers still very much benefitting from the Townshend Bars and Super Tweeters. These speakers go low but only when the recording has this, nothing added, played a Daft Punk CD which goes low, speakers thundered this out with ease.

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