Chrome Bumper Amps with a Hicap 2 cabling question

I have a CB 42.5 / 110 with latching din connectors. Would it be feasible to use SNAICS with locking type connectors?

Yes, there is no problem.

I use the latching pins,
Twist locks can be used, but I find them a little wobbley not a secure fit, easily fall out,

42.5 - CBHC - 160 all latched
Something satisfying about that little click


Yes, but they (obviously) will not lock - so extra care is needed… :open_mouth:

Having a SNAIC disconnect while powered is not good.

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I have locking snaics into my 32.5. There’s absolutely no problem providing you ensure the locking ring is pulled right back. Some folk actually remove the screw and drop the locking ring behind it I believe? Given Naim seem to love a wobbly connection an unlocked locking snaic may even be preferable :wink:

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I’m the same with my 42.5,
Strange but it seems to work,

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Oh I don’t do latching dins anymore,
Wobbly Snaics are the way forward,
Strange but true,

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