chrome bumper Naim kit

I have an old NAP 62 preamp and hicap supply, shoebox sized, plus a power amp of similar vintage that is full width (which infuriatingly I can’t locate at the minute) - I’ve had both for maybe 15-20 years, and have not had them serviced in that time, so they may be due for some fettling.

I don’t especially need another (4th) system but I could give it a home in the study I suppose - am looking for some thoughts. Having the Naim sound would be good but without much cost… and convenience will be key too.

  • how easy is it to feed it from a streaming source? I can set up a pi with something suitable on and so get rca out so I assume I just need an appropriate rca-din lead, assuming the voltages are ok

  • is it likely to be worth doing at all - I am assuming it will need refreshing and recapping, and at that cost am I better getting a more modern system with easy convenience - or is the cost of a refresh likely to be surprisingly cheap?

  • if I sell it am I likely to need to have it serviced first, or is there a market for ‘original’ gear…?

I can answer point 3:

Sell it without a service. If you service it, you will not recoup the cost. I have, in the last three years been buying Olive series kit, and I always wanted it un-serviced. This kept the purchase price down a bit, and allowed me to choose where it got serviced. It matters!


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