Chromecast multiroom

With radio being down I’m casting BBC Radio 3 (Sounds) to my MuSo OR Qb. I don’t seem to be able to cast to the MuSo AND Qb. Just wanted to check whether or not multiroom casting should be possible before I try harder.

Can you instruct the muso to multiroom to the qb?

You can’t use multi-room because Chromecast has it’s own version of that. In the Google Home app which you’ve used to set up the Chromecasts, you can create groups. You can then cast to a group.

Any device can be a member of multiple groups.

You are quite right and thanks for your feedback. I did eventually stumble upon the need to look at Google Home and managed to get both my devices singing at the same time via that. Looks like Radio is back now (fingers crossed) but I’ll know for next time.

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